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Getting No Fax Payday Loans

You are in a rush for a loan but in the heat of the moment do not go for one that does not suit your needs. If you need a no fax payday loan then please make sure that the loan does exactly what it says on the tin. If it does not you will find that you have wasted time completing the application form to find out that you need to fax in all sorts of documents to prove your earnings and who you say you are. Do your homework and you will not have to waste this time.

Wonga Short-Term Loans, Lending Stream, Pay Day Express, QuickQuid, Speed-e-loans, One Month loan are loan companies that provide a fast, no fax payday loan service in the UK. Just what you need. Quick Quid has the cheapest deal for up to a 30-day loan period and Wonga has the lower price for a 15-day loan period.

Obviously, you know that to secure a no fax payday loan you will need to pass some lending criteria. The information you give when completing and submitting the application form online, securely of course, is used by the lenders to assess you. As a minimum they want you to be over the age of 18, a UK resident with a UK bank account and have some regular income. They also prefer it if your regular income is paid into the same bank account that has a debit card that is required to get such an advance. Also, as they are not asking you to fax in any paperwork they are likely to credit check you, and all will definitely ID check you.

Should you not manage to meet some or all of the above requirements then, of course, applying for a no fax payday loan may not be advisable. Some companies, however, will accept such applications but then you will need to provide further documentation in relation to it.

Upon receipt of your application, in most cases, when it comes to no fax payday loans the lender will generally inform you in a short space of time if the loan has been approved. If it has then normally in less than 24 hours of the application being processed and approved the funds will be deposited into your bank account. In some cases if the application for such loans is made before a certain time in the day then the funds may be deposited into your bank account on that very same day.

Receiving an advance on your pay is ideal to help meet unplanned financial commitments, but you do need to repay it on your next pay day so please make sure you can afford to do so. Failure to meet repayments can be very costly, not to mention all the hassle you have to go through.

As always, I hope what you have read has been informative for you and you can compare all no fax payday loans at our website (link provided for you just below) as well as all reputable payday lenders in the UK. You can also contact us by email on the ‘contact us’ page should you have any further questions. We would be delighted to help you out as much as we possibly can.